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Our Guarantee

Our Lifetime Guarantee is the most rock-solid in the Memorabilia industry and applies to all autographs. If you're worried about forged autographs, that's good, because you should be. With all of the legitimate possibilities available for dealers, I find it saddening and greatly disappointing that many organizations are short changing the public and insulting the industry with fraudulent paraphernalia and blatant forgeries. Such practices harm the entire autograph industry by undermining the trust of collectors. The dishonest business practices of these organizations allow them to offer bargain-basement prices to the inexperienced and unwary collector. Many large companies with substantial advertising budgets say they buy autographs in mass quantities and disperse them to the public at wholesale prices. They have got to be kidding. I find these prices and quantities astounding considering the fact that most celebrities make it a habit to sign only one autograph per person. For a celebrity to sign two or three items at a time is a privilege and great accomplishment.

Do not rely at all on "COA's" as these are absolutely meaningless (THE IADA DOES NOT ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY AND DOES NOT ENDORSE THE USE OF CERTIFICATES) . They aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Anyone with a printer can make a COA, and if they're going to forge an autograph, they won't hesitate to make a COA. If you are looking for a fancy, multicolored, 3-dimensional, polka dot COA and a bad autograph, we suggest you go elsewhere. In fact, from my observations,I can tell you that the more your COA corresponds to a piece of modern art, the less your item is likely to be authentic. I FEEL IT'S TIME FOR SERIOUS AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS TO RELY MORE ON LOGIC AND A TRAINED, EDUCATED EYE THAN A SLIP OF PAPER PAINLESSLY ISSUED BY A MERCHANT. Our policy on autographs is that we guarantee the authenticity of each item to the very best of our ability. The best guarantee a buyer has for autographs is the credibility and experience of the dealer and the probability of the dealer being in business in the future. I HAVE SUPPLIED SOME OF THE WORLDS MOST RESPECTED BUYERS--INCLUDING THE CARNEGIE HALL MUSEUM AND THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION-- AND HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING RETURNED DUE TO AUTHENTICITY.

Several third party authenticators have gone on record by admitting that they fail their own competitors work. In other words, if third party authenticator “Company A” passed something and it is shown to third party authenticator “Company B” it will automatically fail. Not because of the autograph but because of a competitor who already passed it. This has been confirmed by several of the authenticators or opinionators themselves that work for these companies. So the customer becomes the victim with this internal competing conflict of interest.

It is highly unlikely that 95% of the autographs ever signed will pass all MAJOR authentication companies and it is just as likely to pay for five opinions one will spend more on this service than the value of the autograph itself. It is also well known and can be proven over and over again that most third party authentication companies don’t necessarily even render an opinion on the autograph- but instead on “Who sold it?” Therefore if” Dealer A” sold it and is a member of a third party authentication company then it is automatically rendered “Authentic” based on the dealer. But, if “Dealer B” sold it who happens to have 20 more years of experience in autograph authentication yet dislikes or doesn’t endorse third party authenticating companies his product will automatically fail just based on the source, without even giving the autograph the careful attention it deserves in the authentication process


Our Lifetime Guarantee is the most rock-solid in the Memorabilia industry and applies to all autographs. However, if any autographed item we sell is ever found not to be authentic by a certified and court qualified forensic handwriting examiner, we will gladly refund the purchase price to the original buyer . I will promptly refund your money if you return the item, along with the original paperwork and a letter from a certified and court qualified forensic handwriting examiner stating that the item purchased is not authentic. The inspection of the item must be done in person and not evaluated using the internet or scans or photos. It can not be a standard rejection form letter used by dealers for items you are attempting to sell to them. The certified and court qualified authenticator will evaluate the autograph using standard nondestructive techniques of forensic document examination which include a macroscopic evaluation with calipers, protractors, photocopies and their enlargements, along with computer enhancements and computer enlargements. You will pay the authenticator for his services. This guarantee is good forever. After 180 days, there is a 25% restocking fee.

In addition, the buyer has a ten day return privilege from the time he/she receives the item---in the same condition as received. The buyer does not have to give a reason for a ten day return and can demand a refund less postage costs.