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About us

Ask me any and all questions!  I expect to hear from our buyers, early and often!  It's your money; being cautious is important! We have only one copy of any particular item. If you order an item after it is sold to another buyer, we will refund your money. We feel an authentic autograph is one thing, but an authentic autograph on a choice, premium item can step up a collectible to an entirely next level for a collection, fan or top notch gallery. As a Lifetime Member of The American Institute of Forensic Examiners, The Garden State Ephemera Association, Antique and Memorabilia National Dealer Association and The Universal Manuscript Society, Dr. Allen Radwell subscribes to a strict code of business ethics. Allen earned his Ph.D. at Temple University in 1976 and is a lifetime member of Mensa. Be assured you will receive only authentic material and will get the personal service you deserve. I have been in business for 26 years, at the same address, and my guarantee is more than a meaningless piece of paper.We will write a LETTER of AUTHENTICITY for the original purchaser. At all times, we aim to represent every item with utmost accuracy regarding quality, age and condition. Authenticity is guaranteed to the original buyer.

1-We have earned an A+ rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

2-My Seller Reputation number with Paypal is 6,209. This number measures how many Verified PayPal members have paid us with successful exchanges since we opened our Paypal account on July 10,2000.Please note that I am a verified member of Paypal which is a positive signal to the You , the Buyer that we have complied with Community security measures. Verification increases the security of the PayPal network. As Verified members , we have successfully completed PayPal's Verification system to establish our identity. Just sign in to paypal and click here: You may check my paypal verification here.

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4-Since 1994, IOFFER is the first and the original internet marketplace (yes, before ebay and amazon), bringing together buyers and sellers from all over the world.Seller ratings on IOFFER have integrity and are based on credible authenticity,accuracy in grading, fill rates, and time to ship. I have sold over 11,000 items with 100% positive feedback. You may check out my credibility on IOFFER by clicking here.


We will write a LETTER of AUTHENTICITY for the original purchaser. Our letter of authenticity unconditionally guarantees that the autographed item you purchase is genuine and 100% authentic for the lifetime of the signature. Each item has been hand signed by the individual described. The signatures are NOT reproductions, copies, or counterfeits of any kind. Credible third party authentication is expensive. The great majority of third party authenticators and their accompanying certificates of authenticity are worth nothing more then the paper they are written on. Autographs can vary GREATLY (depending on ones' signing habits, health of the person and lastly when and how the signature was obtained). An actual court-certified forensic document examiner charges at least a $500.00 fee to compare “questioned” handwriting to “known” examples (exemplars) of that person’s handwriting, to determine whether the questioned writing is authentic. The true experts often use highly sophisticated scientific equipment in their analysis. A certified forensic document examiner serves at least a 2 year apprenticeship and often works for the FBI before going out on their own-and always can testify in court as an expert witness. There are presently “autograph authenticators” selling their services for a fee of $75.00 or less, who will authenticate any signature being offered. It seems pretty absurd to me that anyone could actually do this credibly. If you would like me to send objective reviews regarding autograph authenticators who are and who are not held in high esteem, please send an email to me at or call me at 609-953-5473.

Our contact information 

By email:

By standard mail:
Memorabilia Collectibles
Dr. Allen Radwell
23 Hunters Lane
Southampton, New Jersey 08088

By phone: 609-953-5473


In order to keep costs down, we mail packages out once per week=usually on a Friday. We accept Paypal and most credit cards. Contact us directly by email or phone if you wish to pay by check or money order. Checks should be made payable to : Allen Radwell. If you need an item sent 'overnight'- PRIORITY MAIL EXPRESS- ($49.00 charge if mailed on a Friday)-- or on a day other than Friday ($79.00 charge if mailed on Monday thru Thursday), please feel free to call us for instructions. Please add $9.00 for domestic Priority Mail which includes insurance. First Class Package International air mail postage (no insurance) is $25.00.Add another $10.00 if you want international insurance (a total of $35.00). Add $4.00 for each additional item ordered in same package. Please write to us first if you require Priority Mail Express International Postage and we will send an invoice for the total order.. An item mailed to Canada is $25.00 for air mail . I will not be held responsible for any lost international shipment that is not insured. We use the U. S. Postal Service exclusively. We will  ship only to paypal confirmed addresses.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

We will write a LETTER of AUTHENTICITY for the original purchaser. If you're worried about forged autographs, that's good, because you should be. With all of the legitimate possibilities available for dealers, I find it saddening and greatly disappointing that many organizations are short changing the public and insulting the industry with fraudulent paraphernalia and blatant forgeries. Such practices harm the entire autograph industry by undermining the trust of collectors. The dishonest business practices of these organizations allow them to offer bargain-basement prices to the inexperienced and unwary collector..Many large companies with substantial advertising budgets say they buy autographs in mass quantities and disperse them to the public at wholesale prices............They have got to be kidding.......... I find these prices and quantities astounding considering the fact that most celebrities make it a habit to sign only one autograph per person. For a celebrity to sign two or three items at a time is a privilege and great accomplishment...... Do not rely at all on "COA's" as these are absolutely meaningless (THE IADA DOES NOT ISSUE CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY AND DOES NOT ENDORSE THE USE OF CERTIFICATES) . They aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Anyone with a printer can make a COA, and if they're going to forge an autograph, they won't hesitate to make a COA....... If you are looking for a fancy, multicolored, 3-dimensional, polka dot COA and a bad autograph, we suggest you go elsewhere. In fact, from my observations, I can tell you that the more your COA corresponds to a piece of modern art, the less your item is likely to be authentic..I FEEL IT'S TIME FOR SERIOUS AUTOGRAPH COLLECTORS TO RELY MORE ON LOGIC AND A TRAINED, EDUCATED EYE THAN A SLIP OF PAPER PAINLESSLY ISSUED BY A MERCHANT .Our policy on autographs is that we guarantee the authenticity of each item to the very best of our ability. The best guarantee a buyer has for autographs is the credibility and experience of the dealer and the probability of the dealer being in business in the future. We will write a LETTER of AUTHENTICITY for the original purchaser.. .I HAVE SUPPLIED SOME OF THE WORLDS MOST RESPECTED BUYERS--INCLUDING THE CARNEGIE HALL MUSEUM AND THE STATE MUSEUM OF HISTORY-- AND HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING RETURNED DUE TO AUTHENTICITY. However, if any autographed item we sell is ever found not to be authentic by a certified and registered expert in the field, we will gladly refund the purchase price. This guarantee is good forever to the original purchaser.


In addition, the buyer has a ten day return privilege from the time he/she receives the item---in the same condition as received. The buyer does not have to give a reason for a ten day return and can demand a refund less postage costs. After ten days, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, except for lack of authenticity. Any item returned after 180 days is subject to a 25% restocking fee.